GE8 Fit parts for sale

Some examples of the fitment of the wheels and tires.

Wheels are Rota D2 17×8.5 et48. Rear has extended ARP wheel studs and 8mm spacers which makes the rear track width match the front. These fit at this height without rolling the fenders. Tires are 205/40-17 Falken Ziex ZE512.

20141111_192958 20141111_192853 IMG_4400 IMG_4401 20140923_083731 20141025_181925

Detail pics of each wheel, showing the one that is currently curb rashed and needs touched up. Also shows how the tires off the rear got a little rubbed down from the rear fenders. Have a fifth matching tire with half tread.

20150414_175459 20150414_175503 20150414_175409 20150414_175417 20150414_175423 20150414_175636  20150414_175431 20150414_175436 20150414_175513 20150414_175538 20150414_175552 20150414_175615 20150414_175628

Extended ARP wheel studs, open end extended length lug nuts and key, hub rings and hubcentric 8mm spacers.  20150417_184709

Buddy Club N+ Coil overs with original paperwork, stickers and adjustment wrenches.

20150417_184557 20150417_184601 20150417_184606 20150417_184609The top mount bearing broke and eroded the lowermost threads on the driver side.  20150417_184615 20150417_184701