Cool wheels that work on everything v.7: Buick GNX/ Pontiac Trans Am GTA

These wheels came factory on the Buick GNX, as well as a slightly different version on the the third gen Pontiac Firebird Trans Am GTA.

These are one-off 18″ versions of the GNX wheels on a GNX.Image

Volvo 240DL on GNX wheelsImage

First Gen Camaro on GNX wheelsImage



Pontiac GTO on GNX wheelsImage

5th gen F-body Chevy Camaro on GNX wheelsImage

It’s hard to tell, but apparently this Acura Integra is on GTA wheelsImage

Firebird Trans Am on GTA Trans Am wheelsImage

C4 Corvette on GTA wheelsImage

Wish there had been better pics of this Chevy Corvair on GTA wheels.Image

BMW’s bolt pattern is almost identical to GM’s, so here is a BMW 318 on GTA wheels.Image

How unusual is this? A tastefully modified S-body Blazer on Trans Am GTA wheels!Image

Volvo wagons

How about some Volvo wagons? Once a choice only for science teachers, Swedish soccer moms, and Top Gear hosts, these platforms are growing in popularity.

Volvo 240 on BBS RS (Looks like a photoshop, I know)


White on white Volvo 850 on 18″ Pegasus wheels:


Volvo V70R on Work VSXX:


Another potentially photoshopped 240 on BBS RS:


Volvo 960