Project SpeedTracer

Mercury Tracer LTS, the mechanical quadruplet to the Mazda Protege LX, Ford Escort GT, and Ford Escort LX-E. DOHC 138hp 1.8L, 5 speed trans, 4 wheel disc brakes, plus a bunch of other little goodies.

I bought this car off craigslist for $500. Drove 330 miles to get it, swapped the bad alternator in the rain in the sellers driveway, then push started it and drove it home. It had Sprint springs, A JDM Mazda GTX strut tower brace, 17x7et38 PCW wheels, full exhaust, modified Honda Accord CAI, and a porsche 911 front lip. It was a great cheap little car, and surprised quite a few people at the local autocrosses when the Falken Azenis RT615’s were on.