Volvo wagons

How about some Volvo wagons? Once a choice only for science teachers, Swedish soccer moms, and Top Gear hosts, these platforms are growing in popularity.

Volvo 240 on BBS RS (Looks like a photoshop, I know)


White on white Volvo 850 on 18″ Pegasus wheels:


Volvo V70R on Work VSXX:


Another potentially photoshopped 240 on BBS RS:


Volvo 960



Random sickness, v.4:

3 wheeling Fiat Abarth!Image

Modified Hyundai Veloster?Image

Was just talking to a friend the other day about how you almost never see the Kia Soul modded…


Maybe a big Japanese GT-VIP style Lexus GS430 is more your style?Image

For more speed, add lightness: Lotus Cortina carrying the inner wheel through a banked turn.Image

Big Mercedes W126 laid out, likely on air: straight up gangster.Image

Another german on air ride: Mini Cooper on BBS wheels.Image

Sorry for the low res, but how awesome is this arctic prepped Nissan Frontier?Image

And some Japanese drifter conversion weirdness: Nissan S13 with Mercedes headlight conversion.


I’m a sucker for air ride and roof boxes. Any car is better to me with those two things. Like this Scion XB 2nd gen.Image