Up on 3’s, v.2:



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Chevy Camaro drifting! That’s some stiff suspension!Image

Ford Escort Cosworth, getting it done on the track:Image

Ford RS200, not even caring that it’s missing the right rear tire.Image

GE8 Honda Fit letting some daylight under that back tire:Image

Drifting W123 Mercedes Wagon? Oh yeah!Image

The rarely seen Nissan Pulsar, on the autocross course:Image

Nissan S13.5 doing what it does best: Put on a show!Image

Drifter counting: 4 cylinders, 3 wheels on the ground, 2 doors, 1 turbo, 0 bumpers.Image

Aerodynamics can’t keep this Porsche 911 planted.Image

Another WRC Subaru makes its way into an up on 3’s post:Image

Toyota Camrys can play too:Image


Only dynamic suspension can get a car up on 3’s on flat ground. This bug shows us how it’s done!


Coca Cola Inspiration:

Red cars with white wheels:


Cool Ford Escorts just because I can


Take note of what’s in the engine bay: a turbo 13B from an FD3S RX7!!!


A very fast turbo Escort from The Land Down Under:


This one is a little gaudy,  but the engineering behind it is phenomenal so I had to include it.


Still rocking the 1.8L BP, rotated 90 degrees and built to stupid power levels.


Escort hatchback with Mazda 323 front end and rocking Nissan Skyline wheels on 5 lug hubs.


Not sure if on airride or hydros.


Every other angle of this car is TERRIBLE.