Sema day four highlights:

Day four was the shortest for me, I regret that I only discovered Toyo Tires awesome treadpass as I was leaving as it may have had the sum total of the coolest metal at the event. Enjoy day four:

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Bonneville salt flats, v.2: MORE SPEED

Another round of unlikely heroes of the Salt:

Starting this off is the Mitsubishi Evo’s older brother, the Galant VR4.


Opel GT looking ready to attack!


This rarely seen gem is an old Saab 99.


Another Saab, the Sonett.


Even a Studebaker Avanti came out!


Another Studebaker, getting a push. This is typically due to a combination of engine tuning, cooling systems and tall gears.Image

One of the great things about Bonneville is the sheer variety of vehicles that run. Check out this Subaru Justy!



Can you guess what this is? A Triumph Spitfire in all it’s aerodynamically modified glory.

Edit: Thanks to Bob Smith for the correction, this is actually a Triumph GT6+ which is a bit different than a Spitfire!  Image

Volvo’s can run too. Just ask this awesome Volvo P1800.


New cars are developed every year by manufactures to often prove a point of technology. VW entered a Jetta Hybrid last year, and did pretty well.Image

The Jetta hybrid’s distant relation, the Kharman Ghia.


Project Junkyard Jewel: 1988 Mazda 323 GT

So, I was looking for parts for another project in the junkyard one day when I spotted this diamond in the rough (quite literally) from across the yard. I recognized the distinctive intake pipe and knew immediately what  i was looking at. $300 to buy it from the yard and a couple months of paperwork later and it was mine.

3 days after I bought it it was running. Over the 5 years I had it, i learned a great deal about working on cars and my GT benefited by receiving all sorts of upgrades and enhancements, such as new shocks, lowering springs, MX6 front lip, Subaru GL foglights with snap on covers, Work Equip 03 replica wheels, 195/55-15 tires, full header back 2.5″ exhaust, Exedy clutch, Toyota MR2 seats with adjustable bolsters, 8 ball shift knob, Momo steering wheel, tinted corner markers, turn signals and taillights, rare factory decklid spoiler, and more.


There were likely less than a thousand of these ever made, and it was a very fun car and project. On to the pics!


Cool Ford Escorts just because I can


Take note of what’s in the engine bay: a turbo 13B from an FD3S RX7!!!


A very fast turbo Escort from The Land Down Under:


This one is a little gaudy,  but the engineering behind it is phenomenal so I had to include it.


Still rocking the 1.8L BP, rotated 90 degrees and built to stupid power levels.


Escort hatchback with Mazda 323 front end and rocking Nissan Skyline wheels on 5 lug hubs.


Not sure if on airride or hydros.


Every other angle of this car is TERRIBLE.