Pro Touring comes in many flavors

Regular frequenters of this site will know I’m a huge fan of the oddballs, the underdogs, the outcasts if you will of the automotive world. Here are a few american cars that don’t usually garner much attention that have been hit eith the Pro Touring stick with fabulous results.

427 powered Mercury Cougar on Halibrands? Yes please, can I have some more?


I know it’s just a digital render but I really dig it. Anyone know if this was ever built?


For the Mopar fans, how do you like this 1968 Plymouth Valiant?


Here’s something you never see modified, an AMC Concord! Those Shelby Razor wheels look quite appropriate on this Vader-esque coupe.


I love the color on this 1977 Buick Century.


A 1963 International Scout sitting  low on some Torq Thrust style wheels counts as Pro Touring, right?hrdp_1001_01+1962_international_scout+

This Pro Touring Cadillac is a Fleetwood Brougham coupe that won Car Craft’s Real Street Eliminator challenge. Ran 11.80s! Click here for more on the Cadillac Attack!

Dodge Demon on CCW’s and that green…


I’ve got a soft spot for the square body S10.


The 2 door Malibu doesn’t get much love except with the quarter mile crowd.

Robert McCarter

Anybody else love these old Ford F-100’s?


Parking lot line up:

So, outside my apartment right now, are the following vehicles from left to right:

DC2 Integra

MK6 VW Jetta

2005 Mazda 6 (My wife’s, nick named Gerard)

4th Gen Ford Taurus

B15 Nissan Sentra

XJ Jeep Cherokee

2009 Honda Fit (Project Safety Stance)

2nd Gen Mercury Mountaineer


So here is what the lineup could look like (but doesn’t)



Project SpeedTracer

Mercury Tracer LTS, the mechanical quadruplet to the Mazda Protege LX, Ford Escort GT, and Ford Escort LX-E. DOHC 138hp 1.8L, 5 speed trans, 4 wheel disc brakes, plus a bunch of other little goodies.

I bought this car off craigslist for $500. Drove 330 miles to get it, swapped the bad alternator in the rain in the sellers driveway, then push started it and drove it home. It had Sprint springs, A JDM Mazda GTX strut tower brace, 17x7et38 PCW wheels, full exhaust, modified Honda Accord CAI, and a porsche 911 front lip. It was a great cheap little car, and surprised quite a few people at the local autocrosses when the Falken Azenis RT615’s were on.